Millbrook Driver Development Day 2016

First we hear from Ian Phillips who organised the event for us.   Another great day packed full of driving experiences was once again delivered by CAT driver training at Millbrook proving ground.  For those of you that have never been, Millbrook is a vehicle proving ground set in the Bedfordshire countryside just south of … Continue reading Millbrook Driver Development Day 2016


The end of Pointless Roadsigns?

In ten years, the number of road signs has almost doubled, to an estimated 4.5 million. Changes in the law, introduced on 22nd April 2016, should spell the end for the plethora of  pointless road signs. Councils have now been given the power to remove unnecessary and pointless road signs. The new powers, contained in … Continue reading The end of Pointless Roadsigns?

Older drivers, what is your point?

Two surveys reported in the press recently caught my attention.  One was taken by Saga, surveying 10,000 people, and the other by a well-known insurance company involving 1,500 drivers. The Saga survey concluded that half of those over 50 say they would be happy to take a test at the age of 70 to prove … Continue reading Older drivers, what is your point?

Help for young drivers

It’s well known that young drivers, within the first year of driving, are very vulnerable – largely due to their lack of experience. It is also recognised that, as a group, they are hard to reach and to influence, particularly in their attitude to driving. We are offering three free sessions to help young, inexperienced … Continue reading Help for young drivers