Limit Points and Cornering

When approaching a bend, most drivers are thinking “how fast can I go round this bend?”, rather than “Can I stop if needed?”.    This is the core reason we use limit points - to assess the severity of the bend so we can adjust our speed and consider the appropriate gear to take the … Continue reading Limit Points and Cornering


It’s a Taxing Business

We all remember the demise of the paper tax disk in October 2014.  It seems memory failings for a lot of people are landing them in trouble with the DVLA.  There has been a sharp increase in cars being clamped for non-payment of car tax.  Currently it is running at over 9000 per month.  This … Continue reading It’s a Taxing Business

Will Getting Tougher Solve the Problem?

One of the things that gets right up my nose is people using a mobile phone when driving – especially texting or using some app or other.  I don’t have any personal data to back it up, but it seems to be more prevalent now if my own experience is anything to go by.  A … Continue reading Will Getting Tougher Solve the Problem?

£93million road tax woes

You may have read the headlines in July, “Abolished paper tax disc cost the government £93million in lost revenue” - but did it? Since the paper road tax disc was abolished in 2015, the DVLA has lost £93 million in vehicle excise revenue, but are the two facts linked.  The national media seem to think … Continue reading £93million road tax woes

Driving Distractions

We have all read about the various things that distract you when driving.  The first ones that probably come to mind are:  texting, mobile phones, music, children, and other passengers Distractions fall into four main categories:   Visual distractions Visual distractions are anything that causes a driver to stop looking where they are going and … Continue reading Driving Distractions

Millbrook Driver Development Day 2016

First we hear from Ian Phillips who organised the event for us.   Another great day packed full of driving experiences was once again delivered by CAT driver training at Millbrook proving ground.  For those of you that have never been, Millbrook is a vehicle proving ground set in the Bedfordshire countryside just south of … Continue reading Millbrook Driver Development Day 2016

The end of Pointless Roadsigns?

In ten years, the number of road signs has almost doubled, to an estimated 4.5 million. Changes in the law, introduced on 22nd April 2016, should spell the end for the plethora of  pointless road signs. Councils have now been given the power to remove unnecessary and pointless road signs. The new powers, contained in … Continue reading The end of Pointless Roadsigns?