It’s a Taxing Business

We all remember the demise of the paper tax disk in October 2014.  It seems memory failings for a lot of people are landing them in trouble with the DVLA.  There has been a sharp increase in cars being clamped for non-payment of car tax.  Currently it is running at over 9000 per month.  This is almost twice the default numbers before the paper disk was discontinued.

The change of rule, meaning that any tax on a vehicle is cancelled when ownership is changed, is still catching people out.  Some vehicles are still being advertised as having tax up to a certain date – this is wrong.

People also claim that it is difficult to remember when the tax is due without the paper disk as a reminder.  Although reminders are sent out, people change their email address or move and forget to inform the DVLA.

Some have been caught out by changing the address on their driving license and assuming this will update any other relevant data held by the DVLA.  People seem to manage when their MOT is due, so why not keep the last reminder in the same place as the MOT certificate – just a suggestion.

This sharp increase has coincided with the job being farmed out to a private company.  This organisation has 75 vans equipped with video equipment linked to the DVLA database so they can identify non-payers as they drive by.  This organisation is required to check each post code twice a year.  This can prove expensive.   There is a £100 release fee on the first day.  The car is then removed to a pound where the fee doubles to £200.  Add in the £21 per day storage, the £80 late license penalty and, of course, the tax you owe.  Worth keeping a reminder don’t you think?

John Norrie – Chairman


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