Help for young drivers

It’s well known that young drivers, within the first year of driving, are very vulnerable – largely due to their lack of experience. It is also recognised that, as a group, they are hard to reach and to influence, particularly in their attitude to driving.

We are offering three free sessions to help young, inexperienced drivers gain some knowledge and experience more quickly and more effectively. The sessions will cover motorway driving, driving in the dark and general tips for improvement. Two will be held on Saturdays in November (21st and 28th) and the third on Wednesday evening on December 2nd.

At that time of year there may also be an opportunity for guidance in dealing with bad weather conditions. We intend to publicise this directly to schools, as well as generally, and will run such sessions specifically for a given school should there be an appropriate level of interest.

The publicised events will start from our unit at Mereway and will be delivered by our observers. As parental anxiety may well be a motivating factor in this, we are encouraging young drivers to bring a parent along to sit in and better understand how they can help their offspring gain appropriate experience. There is, of course, no obligation to take any further training but this should help reveal to young people, and their parents, the huge value of effective driver training.

If you live in Northamptonshire, and are interested, please visit our website ( events page for further details.


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