When Close is Just Too Close!

Whenever there is a survey of what winds people up when they are driving, tailgating is always high on the list.  I have often wondered what a – calm if possible – conversation with someone indulging in this behaviour would be like.  I would like to know what they see as the advantages.  I could … Continue reading When Close is Just Too Close!


Limit Points and Cornering

When approaching a bend, most drivers are thinking “how fast can I go round this bend?”, rather than “Can I stop if needed?”.    This is the core reason we use limit points - to assess the severity of the bend so we can adjust our speed and consider the appropriate gear to take the … Continue reading Limit Points and Cornering

It’s a Taxing Business

We all remember the demise of the paper tax disk in October 2014.  It seems memory failings for a lot of people are landing them in trouble with the DVLA.  There has been a sharp increase in cars being clamped for non-payment of car tax.  Currently it is running at over 9000 per month.  This … Continue reading It’s a Taxing Business

Will Getting Tougher Solve the Problem?

One of the things that gets right up my nose is people using a mobile phone when driving – especially texting or using some app or other.  I don’t have any personal data to back it up, but it seems to be more prevalent now if my own experience is anything to go by.  A … Continue reading Will Getting Tougher Solve the Problem?

£93million road tax woes

You may have read the headlines in July, “Abolished paper tax disc cost the government £93million in lost revenue” - but did it? Since the paper road tax disc was abolished in 2015, the DVLA has lost £93 million in vehicle excise revenue, but are the two facts linked.  The national media seem to think … Continue reading £93million road tax woes

Driving Distractions

We have all read about the various things that distract you when driving.  The first ones that probably come to mind are:  texting, mobile phones, music, children, and other passengers Distractions fall into four main categories:   Visual distractions Visual distractions are anything that causes a driver to stop looking where they are going and … Continue reading Driving Distractions